One of the aspects of the Chronotek system that our customers love most is our simple and innovative pricing plan. Figuring out the cost of using Chronotek is as simple as determining how many employees you have on the system, and multiplying by $5. It’s so simple and transparent that we provide a pricing calculator right on our website! We have found that the vast majority of our customers save so much money by ditching their old, inefficient timekeeping system that Chronotek quickly pays for itself- and then some. Just take a look at some of our testimonials to see the dramatic savings many clients experience.

Our pricing is so simple that sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the tremendous value Chronotek provides, in addition to pure cost. You see, our system includes many features in the base price that other companies either charge extra for or simply don’t provide. Some examples of this include:

-Mobile Chronotek. Our fully functional and easy to use mobile monitoring system sets the industry standard in mobile employee management. You can get alerts, check employee status, and more- all from any web enabled mobile device. Many companies charge for access to similar mobile versions, but Mobile Chronotek is included in your account, free of charge.

-Integrated Voicemail. Chronotek is one of the only timekeeping programs that integrates the ability to communicate with your employees every time they clock in. Again, this is a feature that many companies charge extra for- but here, it’s part of the total Chronotek experience.

-No Show Alerts. This is one of our most popular features, and a big part of why customers love using Chronotek. Our completely customizable alerts let you decide when and how you receive alerts about late or absent employees. Supervisors can receive text or email alerts with important information about who is late and what job is being left uncovered. These real-time alerts allow you to act fast in solving potentially damaging absentee situations. As always, this critical service is one that we provide free of charge.

Simply put, we provide an industry-leading system, with a rich and compelling feature set, all with an affordable and easy-to-understand pricing system- that’s the Chronotek Advantage.