Panic sets in! Payroll is due tomorrow, and your desk is littered with piles of employee handwritten timesheets. The law requires companies to pay employees for their drive time, but tracking it is a logistical nightmare. Your tedious, head-pounding workaround takes too long and is costing you too much.

Our research shows that you may pay up to 17 minutes too much on every travel trip for every employee.  Would you like to see how much 17 minutes costs your company?

**Hourly wage of $14 based on the national average for cleaners

This inflated drive time is driving you crazy and draining your profits! The $854 a month doesn’t count your time manually doing payroll.

Stop Dreading Payroll Day

You work yourself into a frenzy to get employee hours and end up with incomplete, illegible, and unreliable handwritten time cards.  Then you manually add up the work hours, and your task still isn’t complete.  Do you rely on the handwritten odometer readings and drive times between jobs, or do you look up every trip with a map program?  Stop!

What if I told you there’s one solution that automates your employee drive time and mileage while also eliminating the hassle of handwritten time sheets? Imagine the $854 back in your pocket and one day a week you no longer dread with white-hot intensity.

Your Employee Work and Travel Hours Solution

Our employee time clock app system automatically creates drive time and mileage records when your employees clock in and out with simple phone calls or via the mobile app.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Google Maps™ technology estimates the drive time and mileage between job sites. Pay by these estimates, and it doesn’t matter if your employees get sidetracked with personal errands between jobs.  
  • Employees can take unpaid lunch breaks with no problem. If Google Maps™ estimates a job is 12 minutes from the next job, but your employee takes 60 minutes, the travel time card automatically shows 12 minutes. 
  • Drive time can be automatically applied to the next job for accurate job costing. You want to capture all of the costs associated with your contracts.

Put your travel time and mileage on cruise control.  Sign up today for a free 30-day trial to simplify, save, and start enjoying your business again.

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