This is part 3 of our Chronoblog series on saving money with Chronotek.  Part 2 is Saving On Payroll Administration, and Part 1 is saving by Paying Actual Time.

For part 3, we are going to discuss an important, but often overlooked way that companies can save money with Chronotek.  All the different ways that Chronotek enhances company communication can be a “hidden saving” by preventing costly issues before they arise.

Its every business owner’s worst nightmare: an angry customer calls complaining about a job that was done late, or perhaps not at all.  At the very least thats a lost cleaning or job, but often such mistakes lead to the loss of entire accounts.  This is exactly the type of costly mistake that is difficult to fix after the fact, but can be easily prevented by using Chronotek’s no show alert feature.  How does this work?  Supervisors can use Chronotek’s easy setup to create alerts for employees at critical jobsites.  If an employee is running late, the supervisor receives a simple text or email alert informing them that the employee has not shown up to work.  The supervisor is then able to react and respond to the situation before it becomes a problem for the business.

Another similarly valuable feature is the ability to leave voicemails for employees to hear prior to clocking in.  If a customer calls one afternoon with a specific request for that night’s cleaning, a supervisor can leave a concise message for all employees to hear before clocking in.  This enhanced communication allows a higher level of customer service: the key to long term customer retention, and valuable referral business.

You spend enough money, time, and effort winning customers in the first place- improve customer retention and satisfaction with Chronotek’s no-show alerts and voicemail features.  Improved company communication is just one of the ways you can save money using the Chronotek system.