This is part two of our Chronoblog series on different ways that Chronotek helps you save money.  Part one of the series, on saving money by paying actual time, can be viewed here.


In addition to saving money by paying actual time worked, Chronotek users often experience enormous savings on the other end of payroll processing.  One of the biggest “hidden costs” of using hand written or paper time sheets is in the value of the time it takes to administer them.  Staff can spend hours every week  handing out, collecting, and then painstakingly entering hours into the computer for processing.  If an error is made in entering the data, fixing that can be costly and time consuming, in addition to exposing your company to the threat of costly legal action.


Chronotek cures this headache by automating the most difficult parts of these tasks.  Timecard data is automatically collected and can be easily exported with just a couple easy clicks.  Chronotek integrates with ADP, Paychex, and supports standardized FTP exports.  You can rest assured that the data is accurate and verifiable, with no potential for errors from manually entering such critical data.


As any business owner knows, time is money.  Saving valuable employee time by automating painstaking payroll processes can be a major step towards running a more efficient business.  Additionally, the headaches and indirect costs can have big effects on company morale- and on the long term bottom line.