When you receive an air fryer for Christmas; it may not be difficult to contain your excitement. After all, it’s an air fryer. But when you fry the first batch of chicken wings, you’ll suddenly realize how much the person who gave it to you loves you. In the same way, give your clients the gift of our employee time clock app to show them how much you care about their business. Yes, it seems odd that a service you use to manage your employees is a gift to your customers, but let’s discuss 3 reasons why it is so.

One – Verify When Your Employees Are in Their Buildings

Remote employees are hard to monitor and track with paper timesheets. What do you do if something happens at a client facility and you must verify what time your employees were in the building? You have to take your employees on their word. But with our time tracking system, employee time cards are time-stamped with clock-in and clock-out times. If your employees are using the mobile app, the time cards have GPS tracks for further confirmation. Employees can also clock-in via your clients’ landline job site phones and the time cards are marked with the caller ID to verify that your employees are onsite when clocking in and out. This accountability is peace of mind for your customer and your business as you can easily verify who was in a building and what time.

Two – Keep Their Buildings Safe with COVID-19 Compliance

Assure your customers that you are taking the necessary steps to keep their workspaces safe and your unhealthy employees at home. With our time clock system, you can set up employee clock-ins by mobile app or landline job site phone for employees to confirm that they have no Covid-19 or cold-like symptoms. The employee responses are available in reports that you can pull at any time. Your customers will appreciate that you care enough to safeguard their environment.

Three – Maintain High Quality with Real-Time Labor Hour Reporting

A leading indicator of quality work in the service industry is time spent on the job. Are you tracking the amount of time worked for each customer? Our job-costing budget reports let you compare the amount of time you need employees to work at each customer to the actual time spent. Quickly see in real-time if labor hours are under budget and if so, send a supervisor out for an unscheduled quality control check. Your customers pay you for a job well done and it’s only a headache to them if they are forced to call you out on quality issues. Chronotek’s Job Actual vs. Scheduled report shown below is a great tool to maintain a high level of quality control. The sample report below shows I’m under budget by more than an hour a week at the Big Box Store and specifically on Monday and Friday, my employee was half an hour short each night. That could indicate a quality control issue.

Chronotek's Job Actual vs. Scheduled report

Use Chronotek’s Job Actual vs. Scheduled report to monitor job budgets


Give your small business an edge that will save you labor dollars, but also instill confidence in your customers that your company uses the best tools to protect them. Try Chronotek’s employee time clock app free for 30 days and be sure to let your customers know.