I walked into the kitchen and the countertop was littered with breadcrumbs. Unfortunately, my teenage son gets a little sloppy assembling his pb&j sandwiches – which leaves a mess for someone else (Mom or Dad) to clean up. While messy breadcrumbs may be a part of life with teenagers in the house, breadcrumbs shouldn’t be allowed in your small business practices when managing remote employees. Of course, I’m referring to GPS “breadcrumb” tracks and more specifically, their small business use for verifying that remote employees are on-site working. We recently discussed how to track employees with GPS the right way and briefly touched on the topic of GPS breadcrumb tracking. In today’s post, we want to inspect a little closer and explain what breadcrumb tracks are and while it may seem like a great solution – it’s actually quite messy.

What Do GPS Breadcrumb Tracks Really Tell You?

GPS breadcrumb tracking for mobile time clock apps records an employee’s location at clock-in and updates the location information throughout the workday. Some of these tracks are accurate, some may not be. The employee’s time card map will look like a Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb trail. But ask yourself the question – what is this breadcrumb trail really telling me? What this trail is not telling you is extremely important – if your employee is at the job or not. This is a manageable headache with a few employees, but what if you have 25, 50? You don’t have time every day, all day to babysit 50 employees! Often you’re able to view a live map of where all employees are working at any moment of the day. Is that truly helpful? No. For example, let’s say you have 50 remote employees who serve 50 job sites. When you pull up a map showing all employees, what do you really want to know? Of course, you want to know if your employees are at their job sites, not a random splattering of 50 pin drops. That’s messy. And it doesn’t tell you anything. You’re left to clean up the mess and figure out whether or not your jobs are covered.  You need a smarter solution, one that cleans up the mess and tells you what you need to know. 

Information You Need, How You Need It

Chronotek’s proprietary GPS Smart Tracks™ technology cuts straight through the clutter and answers the question that service business owners have – are my employees clocked in at the job site? Because if they are clocked in anywhere else, that’s time theft. Imagine seeing this location violation live on your supervisor’s mobile app and desktop site. It’s all you need to know. You don’t need to follow Hansel and Gretel around all day. On another note, it is possible that your employees clock in at the job site and then leave while still on the clock. We report this information also on a daily time card map once the time card is closed –  we believe this is a best practice that protects your business. What happens if your employee forgets to clock out and you’re still tracking him after hours? After hours GPS tracking puts your business on dangerous legal grounds. Instead, address the issue once the time card is closed – be proactive instead of reactive.

Our GPS tracking strategy is smartly designed so that your daily processes aren’t choked on breadcrumbs and you stay in legal compliance. It’s the information you need, delivered how you need it. Give it a shot for 30 days free.


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