• Industries who need to track actual time worked. – Telephone timekeeping is highly accurate. No more dispensing, collecting and adding of timecards. No more uncontrolled overtime and time card “padding” from hourly employees that can easily squeeze the profit out of anyone’s budget.
  • Companies who need to track people from remote sites. – Chronotek is a licensed provider of caller id, providing the location from land-line calls. You can know employees are at the jobsite. (Track work time, sales calls, student hours, and more!)
  • Seasonal industries who track employees only part of the time. – Chronotek is a pay-per-use system. You pay only for the months that you use the service. And no start-up fees! No hidden charges.
  • Companies who need to improve supervisor/employee communication. –  Supervisors can leave voice messages for employees with the Chronotek Integrated Voicemail. Employees are required to listen to the message at the next check in or out. At no extra charge!
  • Managers who need to know their jobs are covered. – Also at no extra charge, the Chronotek system can send supervisors text message alerts when employees don’t show up to scheduled jobs, or every time employees clock in or out.

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