On the Chronoblog, we spend a lot of time discussing all the technical features of Chronotek that make it so great.  We’ve talked about things like our Industry Leading Support, our Integration With Other Business Tools, and features like our popular Mobile Chronotek system.

But in all these posts we’ve never mentioned one of the things Chronotek does best: cure headaches.  That’s right, Chronotek is the #1 cure for the headaches of companies managing employees at offsite locations.  Now, this may be said a little bit tongue in cheek (if you currently have an actual headache we recommend Tylenol), but there’s a bit of truth to it: Our product addresses some of the most painful issues our customers deal with in their businesses.

Have a problem with “Buddy Punching”? Chronotek cures that headache with Voice Verification.

Need to track the time employees spend at a specific jobsite down to the minute? Chronotek cures that headache with Caller-ID based Location Tracking.

Worried about saving money on payroll in these tough economic times? Chronotek leaves more cash in your pocket at the end of the month- and for businesses, that’s the best headache cure there is.

If your headache is dealing with remote employees – Chronotek has the cure for you!


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