Here at the Chronoblog we have spent a lot of time talking about how our system scales perfectly for small businesses.  We always feel that one of the best things our product helps customers accomplish is to keep fixed costs low, by providing a system that grows as your company grows- there are no big leaps in cost or barriers to expansion.

With this focus on our ability to fit the growing needs of our customers, sometimes it’s easy to miss some of the excellent features we provide for large customers from the moment you register.  In fact, some of our happiest customers are large, multi-state companies who first joined Chronotek because of the wide range of customization options we offer.  Let’s review a few of these “big picture” features:

Cross-Country Timekeeping Made Easy: Chronotek makes it easy to manage clock-ins across multiple time zones.  The web interface makes it easy to assign different jobs to particular time zones, and our Licensed Caller-ID ensures that employees clock in for those jobs at the correct locations.  It has never been easier to manage your timekeeping needs- from coast to coast.

Easy User/Role Administration: Chronotek provides simple tools to manage access for various users.  Large companies who need to allow various managers to access the Chronotek account can easily do so.  At the same time, it is easy to place limits on what these additional users can view and change.  Many companies use these tools to allow regional managers access and control over their areas, while still maintaining a central monitoring account to easily keep tabs on the entire company.  For more information on setting up these features, our Support team will be happy to assist you.

Integration With Other Business Tools: We recognize that today’s businesses often employ a variety of software tools to automate their payroll processes.  That’s why Chronotek is an industry leader in our ability to integrate with other tools.  We integrate with ADP, Paychex, Compupay, and support automated FTP exports as well. We are always adding support for new products- if your payroll tool isn’t listed, talk to our Support team!

Scalable Pricing Options: Perhaps our most compelling opportunity for larger customers is our excellent scaled pricing system.  Chronotek helps large companies save even more money on their timekeeping expenses by giving lower per-call prices for higher volume accounts.

These are just the beginning of the rich features we offer for our large customers.  As always, our excellent support staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have- call, email, or simply chat.