Do you have remote hourly employees who drive from job site to job site?  Are you paying too much for travel time and mileage, but don’t know what to do about it?

In our previous post, Speed Up Payday with Hassle-free, Automated Travel Time and Mileage, we introduced Travel Manager, our tool that integrates with Google MapsTM to automatically capture accurate travel time and mileage.  As we mentioned in that post, according to our research, Travel Manager could save you up to 17 minutes on every travel trip for every employee. For a small company with just 10 employees making 1 travel trip each day 5 days a week, that’s over 61 hours a month in inflated travel time.

If your company is still using and trusting handwritten employee timesheets for work time, travel time and mileage information, it’s about time to automate the process.

Employees can use our telephone or app-based timekeeping system to clock in and out. Here’s how our Google MapsTM licensed Travel Manager will simplify your life:

  • For any date range, automatically create travel time and mileage records for employees who clock out of one job, and into a different job.
  • You have the choice.  Travel trips can use Google MapsTM estimates using the job site addresses you enter for each location.  Alternately, travel records can be made using actual clock in/out times.
  • When Google MapsTM estimated time is used, you won’t have to pay the extra time when employees take breaks or do errands between jobs.  Google MapsTM may estimate a trip to be 12 minutes.  But when it takes your employee  58 minutes, pay the Google MapsTM estimated 12 minutes. The savings will be clear.
  • If travel is an expense not budgeted to your customers, then you can track all travel as a separate company job.
  • Our reports break out the travel time and the work time for each customer. How do the two compare? The travel time is a cost you incur to do that job. Do the travel times seem high for a particular job?  If so, check for a more route-efficient way to schedule the job. Reassign employees to jobs they live near.  Group jobs together based on their proximity to one another.


Our Travel Manager feature is a very simple, yet life-changing tool that uses the power of  Google MapsTM  technology and automation to help your small business run vastly more efficient.  It can give you time, energy, and resources to conquer your other goals.  It can also reclaim 17 minutes on every trip.

Give it a test drive for free for 30 days.

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