Read how Chronotek’s Time Tracking Software Helps You Keep Tabs on Remote Employees Who Work from Home

With more and more employees asking for and businesses offering remote work opportunities, it’s not surprising to see that over 4.7 million employees work from home. It’s becoming a new normal for many businesses to allow and encourage employees to work from home, coworking spaces, and even coffee shops. We are seeing major changes in how employers and employees manage worktime. No longer can a supervisor look around the corner to see if their team arrived on time. Communicating with team members on projects has become one of the biggest pain points in the workday. Keeping track of schedules in constant flux because of children and other personal matters makes payroll more complicated than ever before.

Unless your business uses Chronotek.


Our exclusive employee timesheet tracking software helps you manage remote employee time tracking, communicate important information with your team, and streamline payroll.

The #1 Employee Time Card Software

With our online time sheets, setting schedules and keeping track of remote employees is easier than ever. You can create job schedules and even assign them to specific employees. Now it’s easy to plan around flexible schedules – or even the afternoon walk that helps your employees working from home stay focused and healthy!

Supervisors can receive alerts when employees clock in and out via the phone, mobile app, or web clock. If your employees working from home need additional monitoring, you can get alerts for late employees and even check if they are located at an approved remote working site (i.e. home or coworking space) with our Smart Tracks™ feature.

Chronotek’s scheduling tool also allows you to view schedule reports for any date range to see daily and weekly totals of the actual hours worked versus the scheduled hours worked. This means you can make adjustments to remote employees’ schedules before you go over budget or generate late employee reports to be used for employee reviews.

Remote Communication Tools

Communication is key and that’s a fact! With Chronotek’s workforce messaging tools, you can feel confident that your employees working from home receive your messages. Our in-app communication tool allows supervisors to send one-way announcements or two-way messages to individuals, groups, or all employees. If you mark a message as “required read”, employees must read it in order to proceed with the next clock in or out. Employees can also access in-app messaging on the Chronotek admin site for those not using the mobile app or receive voice messages if clocking in and out using a phone. There are no more excuses for not connecting throughout the workday.

Stress-Free Payroll Process

Say goodbye to a stressful and time-consuming payroll process and say hello to Chronotek’s powerful proprietary payroll tool! Our employee time tracking system automatically calculates time cards and generates several reports for any pay cycle interval. Whether you use a manual payroll process, an accountant, or a payroll service, the reports are ready at the click of a button. Stop wasting valuable working hours on payroll and start investing more time into growing your business.

Tracking employees who work from home has never been easier than with our tools. Get started today with Chronotek’s free 30-day trial!


About Chronotek

The most dependable employee timesheet and scheduling software available. For over 20 years, Chronotek has set the standard in time tracking by providing businesses with every tool needed to manage a remote workforce, reduce time card waste and simplify the payroll process. No matter if employees are working from the field, at the office or from home… Chronotek has the solution!