Why Chronotek?

Find out why Chronotek's Time Clock App is the smart way to manage remote employee time and attendance.

The Chronotek Advantage

Chronotek changes the lives of business owners by offering a proven way to control labor costs and increase customer satisfaction with our time tracking software.

Chronotek is a web-based service that makes it easy to track, manage, and report remote workers’ time and attendance.

Our Solution

The Chronotek time clock app equips field managers and supervisors with the tools to manage their workforce from anywhere, on any device.

The app is an invaluable supervisor tool that is designed to prevent time card hassles and missed job schedules. Supervisors see details at-a-glance which helps to monitor and control overtime. The app is a great way to quickly communicate with teams or individual people. And by using the app, employees are able to stay connected to the daily workplan as they clock in and out.

Along with accurate time cards, the Chronotek system provides the means to keep companies on budget, simplify the payroll process, and significantly reduce payroll waste.

The results are phenomenal with clients touting payroll savings upwards of 2-6% over handwritten time cards, less administrative hassles, and increased field supervisory capabilities.

Our Value

At Chronotek, our team is dedicated to offering its customers an easy-to-use system with high performance and industry-leading technology.

Get started today to see how Chronotek can help you create the most productive and efficient remote workforce possible.

Time Tracking Toolset

Simple Clock In and Clock Out

Employees can generate time cards from any device, anywhere using three simple methods: phone calls (telephony with caller ID report), mobile time clock app (GPS location) or web clock.

Time Tracking with GPS

Record employee daily activity using the time clock app with GPS tracking. Immediately know who is not located at the jobsite at clock in or out. Set the geo-fence around the jobsite to lock in approved locations.

Work Schedule App

Our work scheduling app allows you to create and assign schedules quickly and see up to date employee activity. Receive no-show alerts for missed job schedules in time to call for backup so job sites are always covered.

Travel Time & Mileage Tracker

Travel time cards and mileage are automatically created and calculated between job locations using our Google Maps integration. You can easily and accurately reimburse for travel time.

Workforce Communication

Keep employees and management connected with voicemail and in-app messages. Send to individuals, groups or broadcast company-wide. Make messages required listens or reads before proceeding to clock in or out.

Attendance Dashboard

See up-to-the-minute employee activity with our employee attendance tracker. Time card hours are calculated by work week with overtime highlighted for easy review. The system “grades” time cards to flag potential issues such as GPS and location access denied.

Time Card Reports

Reports are live and calculated by workweek to show any approaching overtime. Choose from a variety of reports for any date range, even by groups. All reports are available by summary or detail, employee or job, and export to .csv and .pdf.

Job Costing

Measure weekly budget hours and dollars against employee hours and pay rates to stay ahead of cost overages. We offer a wide selection of job reports to meet your company’s needs.

Supervisor Dashboard

Keep in touch with employees from anywhere and on any device with our employee monitoring software. The live dashboard lets you view real-time weekly time card hours and locations, communicate easily, and receive alerts.

Time Card Hours Calculated - Choose from independent and major payroll service exports

Payroll Integrations

Never stress over payroll again. Save time and money with a simplified payroll process! Don’t see your payroll service? We have many additional exports available – just give us a call!

  • With a simple click, send calculated time card hours to QuickBooks with no file handling
  • Choose from a list of exports for major and independent payroll services
  • FTP file exports and API available

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