It’s the start of a new year and you are reviewing and rethinking some of your small business practices. If you were hoping that 2014 would be easier, you may be disappointed. A couple of the larger concerns are the possibility of an increase in the minimum wage and the impending January 2015 deadline for companies with more than 50 employees to comply with Obamacare.

If your small business has remote workers and you’re still relying on handwritten timesheets to gather their time, 2014 is the year to stop the insanity!  As minimum wage increases so will the losses with timecard theft.   The snowball effect happens when you end up paying additional payroll taxes on hours that are not actually worked.  You are losing money to inaccurate timesheets and wasting time (which is money) on collecting and manually processing them for payroll. Read our post, Minding Your Minutes, to see the numbers. You need a technologically advanced timekeeping system to capture accurate hours for your off-site employees.

It is time to cut the losses before they get even larger in 2014.  Not quite ready to choose an on-line timekeeping system?  We understand that you want to choose the right system.  Search Google and many choices come up. They all say that they are the best, but which one really is? No, you don’t want to waste a lot of time and effort only to realize that the system you tried isn’t good for you. And yes, there is a way to mitigate your fears.

Instead of going all-in by signing up for a free trial on a telephone timekeeping system and putting all of your employees on it for 30 days, why not sign up with 3 companies and test 3-4 different employees on each?   Sign up for a Chronotek account.  Do side by side by side comparisons of all the features, simplicity, pricing and customer support. We can’t overstate the importance of calling and emailing the customer support departments of each company during your trial. You need to know that your timekeeping company has staff that is easy to work with, responsive and helpful.

It may seem odd that one timekeeping company is recommending that you test drive other systems, but we are passionate about small businesses succeeding and we want what’s best for you.   Our 20 year proven track record gives us pronounced confidence that we are the right choice for most small businesses with remote employees, but we want you to be comfortable with your choice. Most of all, we want you to make the switch to a telephone or web-based timekeeping system. It’s the best resolution you can make to help your small business fight off the challenges that the government keeps tossing your way.