We wish you all a very happy and festive Thanksgiving! We are very grateful to you, our employee timekeeping customers, and the relationships we have built with you. It is a privilege to serve you and help you become the best business possible. We hope that you enjoy time with family and friends over the holidays. If you would like to insure that unnecessary no-show texts don’t interrupt your respite, here’s how to temporarily disable alerts on the days that all of your employees are not working:

  1. Go to My Account, Company Set Up.
  2. Remove the check from the “Enable Alerts” box.
  3. Save and enjoy your peace and quiet (Don’t forget to check the box again when everyone is back to work).

Here are a few more tips to help squeeze the most thanksgiving out of your holidays:

  1. Make a list of everything you can possibly think of for which you are thankful. Everything!
  2. For any item on your list that is a person, shoot him/her a text on Thanksgiving morning to express your gratitude for that person. And yes, do it in the morning so that the person can have all day to bask in your kind words!
  3. Smile at everyone you encounter over the holidays. Some people will think you’re crazy, but your smile will lift the spirits of many more people.
  4. Bake some pumpkin spice cookies (or I guess you can choose) and deliver them to a nursing home. You should walk out feeling very thankful.
  5. Commit other random acts of kindness.
  6. Forgive someone. Call the person and tell him (or her) that you are over it. Maybe she didn’t ask for it, but it’s your gift to her (and ultimately, yourself).
  7. Curate your favorite Christmas music playlist and listen to it through the holidays. You are legally allowed to start listening to Christmas music now, and there’s nothing like it to put a little cheer in your soul.
  8. Load up the family wagon and go get a Christmas tree! If you are near a pick it and cut it tree farm, go there. It’s a wonderful experience, and you will always find hot apple cider or cocoa there. If a tree farm isn’t close by, find a charity that is selling Christmas trees as a fundraiser.
  9. Watch “It’s A Wonderful Life“. It can really change your perspective on being grateful for the life you have.
  10. Put your phone down. Set it in a drawer and walk away when you are gathered with family and friends. Be fully present. These are the moments you work so hard for in your business. And after all, we won’t be sending the no-show alerts if you disable them.

We hope that you have a wonderful experience over the holidays. You deserve it. Make the most of it.

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