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Timekeeping For The Other 33 %

Timekeeping For The Other 33%

Posted on 17 May 2017

Small business owners may discover a problem when searching for a clock in and clock out timekeeping system for all of their remote employees.   Just about every employee timekeeping system you can find on an internet search is app-based only.  What do you do with the 1/3rd or more of your workforce that doesn’t have […]

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Janitorial Work – Time/Motion measurement

Posted on 24 Apr 2010

Do you know how long it takes to do your jobs?   As the business owner, your first job is to know how long it takes to do any particular job.  The janitorial industry is a time/motion line of work; meaning the work to be done can be measured in a specific time.  For instance, it takes a […]

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Need to Hire that Next Manager? Maybe Not…

Posted on 15 Apr 2010

Keep track of employees with fewer managers using the Chronotek Employee Management system. You can grow your business and keep management costs down too.  Features that allow you to do more with less are the no-show alerts sent when employees do not show up to scheduled jobs, integrated voicemail where employees must listen to the message […]

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Alarms Got Set Off – was it your employees?

Posted on 09 Apr 2010

You get the call the next day from your customer. Their security alarms went off last night. Your customer thinks your employees set it off. Do you have the proof you need when you say your employees were already gone by that time? If not, you may have to pay for the police run that was made to check the alarm status at your customer's site. Has this happened to you?

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Land your next job!

Posted on 02 Apr 2010

Tell prospective customers that you manage your employees with a  telephone timekeeping system. Telephone Timekeeping is a tool in your marketing portfolio – is it the Chronotek Advantage.  Customers value a well-managed business. Why is it important to your customers that you have the Chronotek Employee Management System? Vacation Time on the job is one of the largest […]

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Who uses Chronotek telephone timekeeping?

Posted on 02 Apr 2010

Industries who need to track actual time worked. – Telephone timekeeping is highly accurate. No more dispensing, collecting and adding of timecards. No more uncontrolled overtime and time card “padding” from hourly employees that can easily squeeze the profit out of anyone’s budget. Companies who need to track people from remote sites. – Chronotek is […]

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Chronotek – the industry leading pioneer in telephone timekeeping

Posted on 29 Mar 2010

ChronoTek specializes in telephone time clock Web-based software for tracking employee time and attendance. Founded in 1995, ChronoTek serves clients nationwide, in Canada and Puerto Rico by providing telephone time clock software for accurately tracking employee time and attendance from any phone that can call a toll free number. ChronoTek is a licensed and legal provider of patented caller ID technology.

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