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What Would You Do With 78 Extra Hours

Time Tracking for a Growing Business

Posted on 11 Apr 2017

April 18 is right around the corner. Have you filed your tax returns?  Many Americans love to file early and wait on the big check, like a kid waits on Christmas.  For others, they realize that Uncle Sam isn’t Santa Claus.  That big check is payback on a short term loan to the government, who […]

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Would You Trade a Quarter if I Gave You a Dollar?

Posted on 09 Aug 2011

If someone offered to trade you a dollar for a quarter, would you accept the trade? You would probably back up a truck to haul away your good fortune. For businesses using handwritten time cards to track their employees’ time, Chronotek has such a deal.  Our industry leading telephone timekeeping system, with over 15 years […]

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