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Minding Your Minutes

Posted on 17 Mar 2013

An old adage says, “mind your pennies and your dollars will watch themselves”.  The same is true when you mind your time, especially when time equals money as it does for small businesses. We had the opportunity recently to speak with a gentleman interested in our services. He ran a pricing estimate on his 14 […]

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Need to Hire that Next Manager? Maybe Not…

Posted on 15 Apr 2010

Keep track of employees with fewer managers using the Chronotek Employee Management system. You can grow your business and keep management costs down too.  Features that allow you to do more with less are the no-show alerts sent when employees do not show up to scheduled jobs, integrated voicemail where employees must listen to the message […]

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Land your next job!

Posted on 02 Apr 2010

Tell prospective customers that you manage your employees with a  telephone timekeeping system. Telephone Timekeeping is a tool in your marketing portfolio – is it the Chronotek Advantage.  Customers value a well-managed business. Why is it important to your customers that you have the Chronotek Employee Management System? Vacation Time on the job is one of the largest […]

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