Finding real solutions to your business problems can be like raising teenagers.

You walk into the kitchen and on top of the counter sits a stack of used paper towels,  paper plates and food wrappers. Right there just about 12 inches above the waste basket. So close to doing the right thing!

Or you pass by the laundry room and see an assortment of your teenager’s dirty clothes littering the floor at the base of the empty laundry basket. So close to doing the right thing again!

Now that’s our teenage children around the house.  What about you, the small business owner with remote hourly employees?  You found this blog because you did an internet search for a solution to one of your business problems. Maybe you’re sick and tired of employee handwritten timesheets.  You beg employees to turn them in and when they do, they are half-completed or illegible.  And worse yet, you just don’t trust them and the padded hours are a drag on your bottom line.   Or maybe you’ve had jobs missed because of employee no-shows.  Maybe you are here for an easier way to monitor and control overtime. Or you lost money on a couple of customers because the labor hours got off-kilter and you need a live, automated way to track job hours. Is it that your method to handle employee paid travel time and mileage involves late nights, expresso shots, interpreting handwritten scribbles and verifying every travel trip manually with a mapping program?

You are so close to a solution if you are here for any of these reasons. Chronotek has a remote employee time clock that solves all of these problems.  Employees clock in, clock out with a tap of the app or make a phone call.

This simple act of punching in and out of our remote employee time clock (or not punching in) is live, actionable information we can deliver to you when you need it:  no-show text alerts; overtime and weekly labor cost reports; dynamic, up-to-the minute job budget tools; automated travel and mileage reports and most assuredly, accurate employee time cards.

Teenagers may never hit the mark , but you are so close to doing the right thing for your small business.   You are so close to real solutions to your business problems. So why not try our remote employee time clock risk free and cost free for 30 days? Go ahead and click the link. You’ve made it this far!

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