Halloween just passed, but the bewitching hour of midnight may still be haunting you. Your business has remote employees who work shifts starting at midnight, yet they continue to clock in early even though they understand that midnight is the start time.  It’s great to have diligent employees who aren’t late, but the early clock-ins create a time card headache for you on payroll day. The 11:59pm (or earlier) clock-ins produce time cards that start on the wrong day.  This throws off daily totals, which in turn affects daily and weekly overtime.  Your solution to this problem has been to manually correct every time card, for every employee, for every day this happens.  Just reading this is probably causing cold chills.  Well, relax!  We have a solution that will prevent early clock ins!

In this last post of our Problem Solving series, we want to introduce to you a new time-saving and life-changing feature we created called Shift Lock that will prevent early clock ins.

To quote directly from our online Help site:

“The Shift Lock feature was created for businesses that do not allow employees to clock-in early (or clock-out late) to a scheduled shift.  Enabling this feature will allow time cards to be adjusted (locked) to the shift’s scheduled time. This can be especially helpful if employees consistently clock-in early to a midnight start time schedule which will throw the total hours of the time card to the prior day.

When Shift Lock is applied to a time card, employees are informed of the time card adjustment when they clock-in, clock out of the system.”

To learn more on how you can prevent early clock ins, launch our online Help site by clicking on the orange question mark and in the search box type “Shift Lock”.

Now imagine payroll day with your online time cards accurate and ready to go. What once haunted you, now gets a big hallelujah!

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