We have been listening to our clients.   There is concern when employees call to clock in using a phone they were not authorized to use.  Maybe it was their even their home phone!   No more.   We have just the tool for your managerial toolbox.  A big concern for companies with remote workers is trusting that their workers are on the job site when punching in.   If your workers are required  to use the job site phone you can now tag other phones as “unauthorized” which will prevent it from being used to clock in/out.

If your worker attempts to clock in/out from an Unauthorized phone, a message plays stating that the phone is unauthorized and the clock in/out is prevented. This message is a signal to your employee of higher accountability measures. We capture the call attempt and it appears on the Chronotek Dashboard and the Call Log – fully noted as unauthorized.  Use this valuable information for performance reviews.

The setup is easy.   Chronotek gathers not only the Caller ID (phone number) but also contracts with a company for the name of the person/company registered to that phone.  Filter on Residential lines to search for home phones, or filter on Mobile phones.  Simply check the Unauthorized CID box to tag the phone as Unauthorized for clocking in and out. It really is that simple.

Use the Unauthorized Phone feature in conjunction with Linked Phones (refer to our online Help) to tighten up your management efforts and enjoy greater control of your workforce.

More tools. Less effort. Timekeeping really can be simple.