You bring home the new windshield wipers that you just purchased; the 19-inch wipers that the salesman insisted were right even though you suspected they were too short.  You install them and… you were right.  Ughhh…

Option 1:  keep them and live with the inconvenience.  Option 2:  return them.  That’s a pain.  Or Option 3:  put the old one’s back on.  But that doesn’t make sense.  They needed to be replaced.  Any way you slice it, the time you really didn’t have to begin with has been wasted…or at the very least, not optimized.

If you own a cleaning company, a security guard company, a construction company or any service-oriented company with remote employees and you sign up for a free 30 day trial on our telephone timekeeping system, we don’t want you to experience this same annoyed feeling.

We realize that a free trial isn’t totally free.  Time is invested inputting the employees and jobs and learning the system.  Then this new time and attendance tracking method must be rolled out to your employees.  Your time is not free.  We know.  Time is our business.

We also know our system will give you peace of mind and a better life.  We believe that so much that we will invest our time in your business.

Let us help you use your time wisely.  Simply sign up for a free trial and give us 15 minutes on the phone.

  1. We will enter your employees (up to 20 for the trial).
  2. We will enter your jobs.
  3. We will set up your alert destinations to receive check in and out alerts.

(Employees can start clocking in right away!)

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Then we will continue to help you by providing free ongoing customer support over the phone, by email, chat or webinar – as much time as you need.  We will be your partner.

You will also discover that our employee management system gives you back time, which you can waste any way you choose.  With peace of mind, more control, and higher profits you can afford to waste a little time.