Chronotek is a licensed provider of Caller-ID, so how does that relate to location tracking on timecards?

First, let’s clarify what Caller-ID means.  Caller-ID is simply the phone number from which the call is made.  However, Chronotek goes one step farther and contracts with three companies to get the representative data for that phone- who is registered to the phone number, the address of the phone number, and the longitude and latitude of landline phones.   We have the Google Map feature on Chronotek so that you can see exactly where that landline call originated.  This information is available so that you can link phones to the job- to ensure that your employees call from site phones.

If the call originates from a cell phone we usually get the person registered to that phone, but sometimes get the cell provider (i.e. Verizon Wireless) and an address. Realize that the location of cell phone calls is not determined from Caller-ID. (For more about Chronotek and Cell Phones, take a look at this recent post)

Location tracking through Caller-ID: That’s the Chronotek Advantage.