The credit card screen at the big box hardware store asked me if $163.58 was correct? How am I to know? I didn’t keep a running total in my head, so I pressed yes. I took my receipt, several pieces of baseboard molding, shoe molding and 5 light switch plates and headed out the door. I scratched my head and wondered how I spent $163.58. I checked the receipt. My 5 light switch plates rang up at $9.99 each instead of $1.19. The 180 degree turn I did made me dizzy. The bar code on the switch plates scanned as a totally different item at $9.99. How in the world could that happen? Isn’t technology always 100% reliable?  Or is it as Steve Wozniak said, “Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window”?

The truth is, no technology is flawless. Our online mobile timekeeping system experienced a telephony outage in July because our phone carrier had major cuts in multiple fiber optic cables. It’s an anomaly. It was the longest outage we’ve endured in over 10 years. Then most recently we had a very minor issue that effected less than 1% of our customers. All phone calls travel along a myriad path of switches and exchanges through multiple carriers to their destination. It’s truly a modern miracle. With this recent issue another carrier, not ours, was down and any business’s toll-free calls routed through them failed. While it only impacted less than 1% of our customer base, people all across the U.S. dialing a toll-free number had problems as well.

We realize and appreciate that our customers depend upon us for their remote employee management needs. We are so grateful for their patience and understanding when there is a blip in technology. The highest consideration is given to choosing our vendors which has allowed us for over 20 years to maintain a 99.99% up-time record. That’s pretty good and we can’t promise any better. However, we do promise that 100% of the time we will give every ounce of effort to deliver the best service to our awesome customers.

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