One of our most important goals at Chronotek is ensuring that all users receive an excellent user experience.  This broad goal encompasses providing the greatest ease of use, speed, and functionality all packed into a beautiful and simple package.  Our programming team is constantly analyzing the entire system to make sure these goals are being met.  One component we cannot control is your internet browser.

When Chronotek was first designed, we made the decision to create it as a “Web Based Application”.  What this means is that the entire program is accessed through your web browser, rather than being stored on your personal computer.  This model has a long list of benefits- chiefly lower costs to you, better management of upgrades and maintenance, and better security and backup of your data.

The one limitation of this model is in the web browser itself.  See, internet browsers are just as varied and diverse as the cars you see out on the road.  You have the sleek, shiny and brand new models (like the latest release of Firefox, or even Google’s upstart Chrome), the dependable economy model (the newest release of Internet Explorer, or IE8), and…. the aging and broken down clunker, otherwise known as Internet Explorer 6.  IE 6 was released over 9 years ago, and just like a car, after 9 years it has started to show its age.  The newest and best websites don’t show up correctly in IE6,  and applications like Chronotek don’t work as fast as they can in the newer browsers.

That’s why we were so excited to see that Microsoft Australia compared IE 6 to spoiled milk.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out- it does a great job of explaining the shortcomings of such an outdated browser.  Additionally, you may have noticed some major web services such as Youtube completely eliminating support for IE6.  This means that those services will not even work in Internet Explorer 6 very soon.

So why does all this matter to us here at Chronotek? Remember that our goal is to deliver an excellent experience for all of our customers, and that our user’s Internet browser is the one variable that isn’t in our hands- it’s in yours.  That’s why we encourage all our customers still using IE 6 to switch to a newer browser.  It is as simple as clicking on one of the links above (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome), and following the instructions at those websites.  We are confident that a newer browser will not only improve your Chronotek experience, but make the rest of your internet browsing faster and easier as well.