We recently had the chance to catch up with our friend Michal Sikorski of Fantastic Cleaning. Fantastic Cleaning Ltd. is a commercial cleaning company operating out of Victoria, BC, and serving all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. They came to Chronotek when their business grew rapidly to over 80 employees spread throughout the region. Fantastic Cleaning was finding it difficult to ensure whether employees were coming to work on time (if at all) and if employees were spending the correct amount of time maintaining sites. Chronotek was able to meet this need, and Michal graciously took the time to discuss how his company has fully utilized the Chronotek system.

What are some of the biggest challenges associated with running a business like yours?
Having quite a large number of staff spread throughout multiple cities and towns makes it very difficult to keep track of our staff and ensure our customers are getting the value they expect from our services.

How does Chronotek make managing your business easier?
Chronotek allows us to keep track of all of our staff regardless of the fact that we operate in several different geographic regions. Text alerts provide our supervisors and management staff with an exceptional tool for ensuring our staff show up to work on time and show up at all. Since fully implementing the system, we have not missed a single night of service at any of the job sites for which we provide our services. Payroll costs have also been dramatically decreased as we are now able to easily and quickly complete our payroll cycles in-house with the use of Chronoteks easy to read, ready to go time sheets at the end of each pay period.

Do you have a favorite Chronotek feature?
The text and email alerts for no-shows are by far the most useful feature for our company. Other features such as the automatically calculated and added travel time and job costing are time saving tools loved by our office staff. In addition to this, Chronotek’s incredibly friendly customer support staff are willing to take the time to thoroughly explain any of the workings of the system and even create custom features on Chronotek to adhere to whatever your company needs in order to make running your business easier and more efficient. It is always a pleasure communicating with any Chronotek staff!