For this Monday’s blog post I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some really awesome work that one member of the Chronotek team has been doing.  Our developer/programmer/resident computer wizard Kit Marshall is currently with a church outreach group on an expedition to Alaska’s Kokrine Hills Bible Camp.  The camp is a ministry for Alaskan youth to come together and learn about the Word of God while experiencing all the fun of “summer camp”.  The wonderful volunteers that run the facility felt that they were limited by the fact that the camp buildings were not able to accommodate campers during the harsh Alaskan winter, and put out a request for help renovating the buildings.    Kit is part of a small workgroup that is going to help renovate and winterize the cabins that campers stay in while at Kokrine Hills, so that the facility may be used year-round.

The camp itself is incredibly remote, and can only be accessed by boat or dirt landing strip for small charter planes.  The camp does have limited access to a satellite internet connection, and we are thrilled to be able to keep up with Kit’s group’s progress via their blog.  Anyone interested in more information about the camp can view the Kokrine Hills blog.  It really is a fantastic organization doing some amazing work in one of the toughest climates and locations in the world!

We are so proud of the work Kit and his group are doing. From all of us here at Chronotek, we wish them safe travels and a successful trip!