gobble-up-the-pointsTo kick off the holiday fun, we want to host a Thanksgiving quiz called Gobble Up the Points. Go to our  Facebook page and respond  to the questions below to receive 1 point for each correct answer. The person with the most points will win a $25 Starbucks gift card (in the event of a tie, the tie-breaker goes to the first entry). That’s enough for you to take a friend. Is there a better way to warm up than with hot coffee or chocolate and time spent with a good friend?  It’s also our way of saying thank you.

#1  What year was the first Thanksgiving celebrated in America?

#2  What is 1 of the 2 NFL teams that always plays on Thanksgiving Day?

a. Seattle Seahawks

b. New York Mets

c. Dallas Cowboys

d.  Tennessee Titans


#3 What year did Thanksgiving become an official national holiday?


#4 True or False: The first Swanson TV dinner was created because the company cooked too many turkeys (260 tons too much) and needed an outlet for the extra.


#5 True or False: The turkey was almost our national bird and not the eagle.


#6 What other NFL team always plays on Thanksgiving Day?

a. Arizona Cardinals

b. Philadelphia Eagles

c. Detroit Lions

d. I’m always asleep by then and can’t remember


#7 According to the US Census Bureau, the following State produces the most turkey annually:

a. Minnesota

b. California

c. North Carolina

d. Texas


#8 True or False: Female turkeys don’t gobble.


#9 According to the Guinness Book of World Records the largest pumpkin pie ever made was:

a. 12 feet long

b. Filled up an Olympic size swimming pool

c. Made by the first Pilgrims

d. 48 tons in weight


#10 The company with the best customers in the world is:

a. Chronotek

b. Chronotek

c. Chronotek

d. Chronotek


Submit your answers by December 1 for a chance to win and please have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

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