Time is something we think about a lot, like ALL of the time. At Chronotek we can get pretty geeky about it, too. Our timekeeping solution for small businesses with remote workers tracks 100% accurate time worked.  We’ve posted how to convert time in hours/minutes format to a decimal hour, it’s 60-based evil cousin.  We’ve also written that if you don’t mind your minutes, you can lose a startling 10 minutes a day per employee to time theft.  But one of the most important things we should do with time is to enjoy it.

The idea of enjoying time gets lost in our fast-paced, performance-based, hyper-connected world in which we live.  Too often this machine sucks us into the grind and under its wheels and we forget as we grow older how to enjoy time.  Or maybe we just forget to take time for ourselves.  We want you, the small business owner, to rediscover time.  Experience new ways to spend time – do whatever brings joy and more peace to your life.   That’s why we’ve been here for 20 years building and re-building our timekeeping solution for your small business. We want to simplify your business so you have more time to experience life.

With summer drawing to a close, we’d love to hear your stories on how you enjoyed some much needed down time.  If you’re one of our customers, it would give us great joy to know that we contributed to your ability to get away.  If you have time, and hopefully you do since you’re using our system, let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Use hashtag #umbrelladrinks.