One of the best parts of working with business owners and entrepreneurs is hearing their personal story of living the American Dream.  It is always inspiring to hear from Chronotek customers who have built incredible companies from simple beginnings.   In our previous post, we got the chance to interview Adam Shepard, author of the book Scratch Beginnings.  You can check out the whole interview in this Post.  If any of our Chronotek clients would like an opportunity to read Adam’s book, we would like to send you a copy, free of charge. Maybe, in return, you could tell us how you think your life is in your own hands. Can attitude and perseverance change any situation? Did you ever get a do-over?  How have you lived the American Dream?

If you would like your free copy please email Chronotek at – include your name, your business, and full mailing address.  We’d also love for you to tell us a little about how you have lived the American Dream.  In his book Adam discovered so much about himself- it truly is the journey that makes the masterpiece what it is. What is your story?