Welcome to 2020! No, this isn’t another article on how to get 20/20 vision for your company or “The Top 20 Things You Need To Do In 2020”. Goodness no! In our highly distracted, short attention span, get interrupted every 3 minutes world, we wouldn’t dare challenge you to tackle that many things. You would end the year stressed out, burned out, and feeling like a failure. But we do believe that there’s great value in dialing your focus onto one thing.

One big, lofty goal. 

Don’t think small. After all, you’ll invest your entire year on it. It has to be such a supreme, ground-shaking, life-changing goal that it’s truly worthy of being the one and only goal you set this year. Maybe you want to get in shape to run a marathon or save $5000 for an around the world cruise during the 2020 Christmas holidays or write that novel you’ve had in your head for 5 years. You know what? Time will pass whether or not you choose to focus and go after this goal or drift from distraction to distraction all year. I think you owe it to yourself, just this once, to really go for it. I doubt that you will get to the end of 2020 with any regrets for your efforts. Sometimes we shoot for goals and fail, but we discover that the work was the real reward.

Taking care of business.

Since this is a small business blog, let me provoke you to think big about your company. Climb out of the day to day rut, reconnect with the entrepreneurial passion that drove you in the early days, and push towards greater heights. Develop a marketing and sales strategy that will effectively grow your customer base by 25-30%; find proven ways to cut your labor costs by 10%, or implement a company-sponsored volunteer program in partnership with charitable organizations in your town (and give your employees X number of minutes paid time off for every hour they volunteer). Set some time aside – uninterrupted, quiet, alone – to brainstorm and focus on what speaks to your heart. Maybe you have a good business, but as we’ve heard, the enemy of great is good. Do you have a business that will survive you? Do you have a business that you could sell? These are great questions to get you started.


Your ability to focus on this one big lofty goal isn’t going to be easy. There is a war all around you. Thousands of flittering and fleeting thoughts, images, and sounds will trigger your synapses and fight for your attention every day. It’s estimated that we see 5000 ads a day. A day! That’s not to mention the interruptions every 3.08 minutes and our personal struggles to fight against multitasking. Our brave new world has virtually deprogrammed our ability to focus. Harness this enormous power within you, forget about the 20 resolutions and bull rush that one really BIG goal that could change your life forever.

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