We welcome you to visit our newly launched website. . .

On Monday, April 5th, Chronotek went live with a new website!  This website is a great resource with a NEW look, a NEW logo, and NEW Blog/Chat features.  We are excited about all the new developments at Chronotek.

Our highest goal is to provide the best possible customer service, and now we have made that service more convenient.  The “ChronoBlog” has announcements on new features, timekeeping news, and testimonials. Also new is the “Live Chat” feature available during normal business hours.  The pricing calculator makes it easy to estimate what your monthly costs might be and what payroll savings you might reap by switching from hand-written time cards to telephone timekeeping.

We are the industry leader in timekeeping and it is important that our customers know that we are working hard to keep that position after 15 great years!  We have a lot more in store for our website, and for the Chronotek service.  So please check out the website at www.chronotek.net!