Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to make note of some small changes to the Chronotek Blog.  We are beginning a new emphasis on engagement with our users across all the fantastic resources the internet has to offer- including our  Twitter Account and Facebook Page.  As a company, we have always had a focus on providing an extraordinary level of customer service and engagement, a focus that dates back to our founding in 1995 (long before anyone knew what “Social Media” was!).  As we sat down and reevaluated what this commitment to service meant, we decided that these platforms, as well as this Blog, had great potential to expand this part of our company culture.

So, the end result of all that is the following changes:

-From this point forward, we will be updating the blog more regularly, covering a broad range of topics that we feel are relevant to our users and fans (check back on Monday for a comparison of outdated internet browsers to spoiled milk, and an explanation of why a browser upgrade can improve your Chronotek experience!)

-Additionally, we are opening up comments on the blog, to facilitate a more active conversation surrounding the post topics, or Chronotek itself.  Feel free to ask questions, provide feedback, or just tell us about your great experience with Chronotek!

-Finally, I mentioned the Twitter and Facebook pages- please fan us or follow us if you have accounts on those networks.  We would love to hear from you!