You’ve been reading our blog entries about our new Budget Planner tool and you are excited. It’s the live, real-time and interactive budget data that you know is needed to effectively track labor hours and stay on target with your contracts. Predictive technology to systematically suggest schedule changes has been beyond your wildest dreams.

But you have not started to use it – yet.

Although you admit that your spreadsheets are highly inefficient and time-consuming, it’s what you know.  You might think you do not have time to try something new.  Can we simply shout from the mountaintops, “Just do it!” ?

The beauty of our Budget Planning tool is that it is very simple to use.  Once set up the system calculates every variance number for you in real-time.    Even better news… you can’t break it, and you can’t mess up anything.  The budget tool does not affect the operation of timekeeping, so you can try this new feature with confidence.  Made a budget and need to change it? No problem. Need to delete it and start over? Again, no problem.

Even if you are midseason in a budget year, it’s not too late. Create a budget for the hours and interval you have remaining. Or create a budget from the beginning of the season with the total budgeted hours and see how the actual hours to date compare against the budget hours. If you choose one way and change your mind, no problem. Just delete and start over. Our Budget Planner tool is as indestructible as a Stretch Armstrong action figure.  And  even more powerful for your business!

Read more about how to get started in the Budget Planner guide under the Help menu item on your web-based account. It won’t be long before you are ready to destroy your spreadsheets and harness the power of real-time budget planning.

Just do it.