The best laid plans of mice and men…

The budgets you made looked great on paper. All of your remote, hourly workers were under 40 hours and your jobs were scheduled according to the budget. Then something happened.   Your paper plans were put into practice and you are stunned as you look back over the handwritten timesheets a week later.   How many times have best laid plans gone astray?

Budgets are off, schedules were not followed. Some employees exaggerated the hours they worked, and a couple of jobs took longer than expected.   The life of a small business is too fluid and unpredictable to rely on the static nature of paper budgets, schedules, and hand-written time sheets.  And your time as a small business owner is too precious to waste on a method that’s highly imperfect and a source of constant frustration.  But the automation of Chronotek can simplify your life and keep your best laid plans on track.

Now Chronotek Budget Manager allows you to create and monitor budget information on your web-based timekeeping account.   Everything is real-time so you know exactly when a budget is not being met.  The Budget Dashboard is a console with easy-to-view graphs, charts, and grids that show which jobs are on the path of going over or under budget.  The real power is released when Chronotek’s new calendar-based Schedule Manager uses Budgets to assist with keeping up necessary schedule changes.

Preserve your plan!  For the first time, supervisors have ready access to live budgets in order to plan the schedules.

Protect your profits!  Budgets become alive when we join actual hours and future schedules at every interval, ensuring control of the end result.

Predict your future! Predictive Technology takes this one step further by automatically and systematically suggesting schedule changes, empowering supervisors to make the right decisions.

Don’t leave your business plans to chance by struggling to manage remote employees using static spreadsheets for budgets.  Seize the power of predictive technology and the value that real-time budgets have when they are integrated with live timecards and schedules.

Give your best laid plans the advantage of budget automation.