New www site

Everyone loves a new pair of shoes. The old loafers served us well and gave us many great miles, but getting a new pair is exciting. The same is true, but exponentially more, for the thrill and anticipation of new company websites.  Today we are beyond excited to announce a beautiful, new and functional marketing website for our telephone and app timekeeping company.

If you are just exploring, you may want to watch a short video on how our system will make payroll day a breeze, and read about all of the tools to help manage your off-site employees.  Use a handy slider to easily estimate what the cost might be. Enjoy the new website and all of its blog content on your phone, as it’s mobile friendly. And of course, you can give us a call if you still have more questions. For our current customers who have this page saved to login to your Chronotek account, you can still press the ‘Sign In’ button.

Speaking of mobile friendly… our NEW Mobile App has more exciting changes ahead. And we want to also let you know that the Admin site will soon have a new look, as we make it more mobile friendly for business owners and administrators who work out of the office. Stay tuned for more announcements on those future upgrades.

And if you’re a small business owner with remote workers and still use handwritten time cards, we welcome you to check us out. Simply click on our new orange button to start your free 30-day trial. You’ll love walking a mile in these shoes.