Small businesses and self-employed workers may have caught a break. Is that a band of angels singing hallelujah? Last week the Department of Labor finalized the expansion of Association Health Plans (AHPs). And you may be asking, “what are Association Health Plans?” According to the Department of Labor,  AHPs “are group health plans that employer groups and associations offer to provide health coverage for employees. AHPs allow small employers to band together to purchase the types of coverage that are available to large employers, which can be less expensive and better tailored to the needs of their employees.” AHPs may be a viable health insurance alternative to the more expensive and large company-friendly Obamacare plans.

We want your small business to succeed.  Small businesses are the backbone of our great country. We talk to, and hear the struggles of, small business owners everyday when they call us to solve another major problem-inaccurate time card hours that inflate payroll. We hope this change with AHPs will be welcomed relief as they seek to provide truly affordable health insurance for their employees.

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