Telephone timekeeping. Simplified. 

That’s our slogan; however, being simple is anything but simple.

Yet it’s not something our customers would ever know. They want accurate time cards for their remote, hourly employees and they count on us to provide them – we provide timecards, but with ‘ease’ in mind.  Their employees use a landline or cell phone to dial our toll free number and 11 seconds later they are punched into our timekeeping system. And it happens that easily almost 100% of the time. 

But so much goes on behind the scenes to produce simple. Here’s a list of 7 things we do to deliver a timekeeping system that is simple to use.

7 Steps To Simple

  1. Simple happens because we stay ahead of the need- always maintaining more phone lines than we require. If an employee gets a busy signal, it’s not on our end.
  2. Simple happens because we utilize fail-over technology meaning that if one set of phone lines goes down, all calls transfer to another network.
  3. Simple happens because our servers are retired with plenty of capacity for existing company growth.  Scalability is key for any business with their eye on the future.
  4. Simple happens because of server redundancy and scheduled backups, which means no customer data has ever been lost.
  5. Simple happens because we partner with the best teammates (not vendors) to      provide the best network infrastructure of technology available.
  6. Simple happens because we have a fully staffed IT development team that always has their pulse on our system’s health and are ever moving forward to maintain our innovative industry leadership.
  7. Simple happens because we have an exceptional customer support team focused on training/assisting our customers.  Our personal touch goes into creating helpful documents such as the online System Guide and instructional videos.

Simple happens, but it doesn’t just happen.

“The most complicated skill is to be simple.”
Dejan Stojanović