In keeping with our “Feature Focus” of the last few posts, today we want to highlight 5 things that many people don’t know Chronotek can do.  These are 5 items that are easy to use in Chronotek, and can save your company time and money.

1. Calculating Overtime: This is one of the best ways that Chronotek can help you save money on your payroll expenses.  Our system allows you to track hours in real-time, letting you prevent expensive overtime surprises at the end of a pay period.

2. Track Different Activities: By using different activity and job codes, Chronotek makes it easier to manage employees who may do several different jobs over the course of a pay period.  This makes managing projects and unique jobs more efficient.

3. Voice Verification: By requiring employees to record a message at every clock in, you can verify that the correct employee is clocking in.  This eliminates situations where employees try to clock in for a late coworker.  This feature, when combined with Chronotek’s location-based Caller-ID, allows supervisors to ensure that the right employee is at the right job site.

4. Record Messages for Employees: This feature allows you to guarantee that employees are receiving important information.  Simply record a voice message by calling into the system, and employees can be required to listen to this message on every clock in or out.  This feature can be customized to streamline your employee communications, allowing you to provide a higher level of service to all your customers.

5. Mobile Chronotek: We are very proud of our industry-leading mobile version, which allows supervisors to monitor crucial employee information, from anywhere.  In the field, the office, at home, or even on vacation-Mobile Chronotek keeps you informed of the most important aspects of your business: your employees.

Have another favorite feature of Chronotek that we left off the list?  Feel free to call, chat or email us.