The Roman philosopher, Seneca, said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” For a small business with remote employees, there is no better way to be prepared than by using the best employee time clock app.  To that end, we”ll show you how our time clock app can solve your top 5 remote employee issues – scheduled shifts that are missed, inaccurate paper timesheets, buddy-punching, losing money on jobs, and not knowing where employees really are. The list is long and you can surely add to it, but let’s see how Chronotek has the best employee time clock app to solve these problems without relying on luck.

5 Reasons Why Chronotek Is the Best Employee Time Clock App

#1: You won’t miss any more scheduled shifts.

Is there anything worse than your customer calling to tell you about your employee no-show? Probably not. Well, it’s your lucky day! You can prevent that call from ever happening again by creating schedules and getting alerts by text or email when an employee no-shows. Get the shift covered in time and keep the confidence of your customers.

#2: Imagine no-hassle, accurate, online time cards! 

In as little as 17 seconds your employees can clock in with our time clock app or by call from your customer’s building phone. In those few seconds on clock in and clock out, you will have an accurate time card that you can see and access immediately. As a result, you don’t have to scramble at the end of the pay period to collect all of the handwritten timesheets. More importantly, the best time clock app also easily solves time theft and saves you 6% or more on payroll.

#3: It will be hard for your employees to buddy punch.

With paper timesheets employees can put down that they were working and if you question them about it, they have a co-working buddy who will back them up. You can stop that time theft with our Random Voice Verification (RVV). RVV will prevent buddy punching by prompting your employees to say their names when they call to clock in. We record these clock in, clock out events for you to listen to and review. Many of our customers have used RVV to catch buddy punching. You can, too!

#4: Job-costing reports will identify jobs that are making money or losing money. 

That 17 second clock-in I mentioned earlier also gives you access to live information for job cost tracking. Spreadsheets done at the end of the pay period (once you collect the paper timesheets) just aren’t good enough. Spreadsheets are like history books. However, you need a picture that tells a live story. You get real-time story telling information with our Job Summary Report and our Weekly Labor Cost Report. These reports show the hours worked and dollars spent at each job. You’re in the middle of the work week and you want to know how your jobs are tracking? No worries! Just run the reports, find the problem jobs and fix them. You’ll be seeing green again in no time!

#5: You’ll know where your employees are.

This issue, employees not showing up to jobs, is one of the biggest concerns we hear from our customers. It’s a time theft issue related to buddy punching. Employees claim they are on the job site working, but really they aren’t. And if they are working alone, how do you know? We have a solution for both clock-in methods – our time clock app and phone call from the customer landline phone. Our mobile app, which we believe is the best employee time clock app, gives a GPS track when employees clock in and clock out. But that’s not the best part. We compare that GPS track to your mapped job location and report if your employee is at the job or not. As a result, you don’t have to spend hours reviewing every single punch! Just look at the ones flagged as located not at job. It’s a beautiful thing. With our call in clock in method, we report the caller ID which you can verify is your customer’s landline phone. You can also link a landline site phone to the job so that employees can only use that phone for that job and no other phone.

It’s Time to Make Your Own Luck

If good luck is the result of solid preparation, then it’s time to get prepared. Time is money and if you’re wise, you probably track your money. However, if you’re not tracking the work time of your employees with the best employee time clock app, you are losing money. We’ve been helping small businesses like yours for over 20 years with the industry’s best employee time clock app. We want to help you as well. Try us free for 30 days and see if your luck improves.


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