You’ve built your business with your brain and by the sweat of your brow. You remember the days when it was you, the work, and your customers. Then word of your excellent work spread and your customer base grew. Your job now mainly involves managing people – your employees and contractors. Oh, the simpler times! You need help, especially if you track work time with handwritten timesheets. Help is here – use the best employee time clock app. 

Your 4 Top Questions Answered By Best Employee Time Clock App

1 – How do I prevent no-shows?

When did a customer last call you about their work not getting done? You still feel the gut punch, right? You can prevent that call from happening again by creating schedules and getting alerts when an employee is a no-show. Get the shift covered in time and keep the confidence of your customers.

2 – How can I make payroll day easier?

The hours it takes to process payroll with handwritten sheets are cut to a fraction by a 17-second event. Your employees clock in with our time clock app or call from your customer’s building phone. Those few seconds on the clock-in and clock-out give you accurate time cards you can see and access immediately. As a result, you don’t have to scramble to collect handwritten timesheets at the end of the pay period.

What will you do with your extra time?

3 – How do I know which jobs are making and losing money?

The 17-second clock-in gives you access to live information for job cost tracking. Think about your process now with handwritten timesheets.

  • Collect timesheets at the end of the week
  • Manually enter the hours in a spreadsheet
  • Re-sort the spreadsheet by job
  • Calculate the total hours by job

Rinse and repeat for 52 weeks. But you don’t know the numbers until after the fact. You need the right information right now to stay on budget with scheduling adjustments.

Use our Job Summary Report and our Weekly Labor Cost Report to monitor live hours.

4 – How do I know if my employee is really on the job site?

You risk losing money and clients if you can’t answer that question. Let technology solve this location problem for you.

  1. Employees clock in and clock out with our mobile app, and you get a GPS track of the events with a flag if employees are not GPS-tracked at the job sites.
  2. Employees can clock in from job site landline phones, and you’ll see the caller ID of the phones on reports. You can also link a landline site phone to the job so that employees can only use that phone for that job and no other phone.

You’ll sleep better at night with confidence that this question is answered.

It’s Time to Rethink Your People Problems

You’ve built a great business. Now, let people management professionals answer your most important questions and take your business to the next level. Give it a shot for free!


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