Would you drive across town to save 10 cents a gallon on gas? Not me. It’s a waste of time and more gas. I stopped for gas the other day, and my son said he and my wife got gas for 33 cents a gallon cheaper on the other side of town. That made me emotional for someone who ignores gas prices.  And no one pumped my gas, washed my windows, or thanked me for paying too much. At the dawn of the new year, you may be looking for a time clock app for your remote, hourly employees. It’s essential to your business’s bottom line to pay close attention to the value you’re getting.

The critical factor in the price of a service or product is that you fully understand what you’re getting. If, like me and the gas, you know you’re paying more and receiving less, that’s your decision. But at least know the facts.  A reliable, accurate timekeeping system can save a company money. We hear it from our clients always; it is like trading a quarter for a dollar.   A 30-employee company pays just $164 per month. And no setup fees. Simple.

That cost includes all of our tools and features: scheduling with no-show alerts by text/email; Random Voice Verification to prevent buddy-punching; Travel Manager to automatically calculate drive time and mileage; QuickBooks Integration to easily do payroll; GPS Smart Tracks that reports if employees aren’t at the job site when clocking in/out on the app; Linked Phones that ensures employees clock in/out from job site landline phones when calling; a supervisor app for monitoring workflow and attendance while away from the office.

Are you just starting your search for an online timekeeping system?  Beware of the gas station across town charging much more for similar features we offer.   Look closely and ask questions. Does the employee flat fee include scheduling with late alerts? You may find that it will cost an additional dollar or more per employee. What if all employees don’t have smartphones?  Is there a way to call to clock in?  Maybe you’d prefer that your employees clocked in/out from client landline phones to know definitively they are on site.  Check if this privilege could cost you another dollar or so per employee. Suddenly, you’re up to $8-10 or more per employee to access all the tools your growing business needs. And then, does the company have a solution for automatic drive time? Can it handle California overtime? Does it have a way to prevent buddy-punching? These are all valid questions when searching for an online time clock system.

If you pay more for an online time clock system, ensure you get more in return. Do a little better than I do when paying attention to gas prices. We wish you a joyful, productive, and prosperous 2019!

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