Warmer weather is here! As a result, lifeguard and pool management companies across the nation are preparing to open pools for a few months of sunshine and splashing in the water. With guest safety a top concern, pool companies need scheduling and time tracking tools to ensure that lifeguards cover all of the pool sites. Don’t let confusing scheduling tools lead to a missed shift or time-intensive payroll processes stop you from growing your business. Instead, leverage the best system for scheduling and time tracking for lifeguards.

Here are five reasons why Chronotek has the ultimate system for scheduling and time tracking for lifeguards.

1. Flexible Scheduling and Time Tracking for Lifeguards

With Chronotek’s premier employee scheduling software, you don’t have to waste time managing paper schedules or timesheets again. Create flexible recurring pool site schedules for specific lifeguards or as floater schedules. With this feature, you can maximize your workforce’s time and make sure all pools are fully staffed.  Also, consider our Shift Lock feature to prevent early clock-ins and late clock-outs to scheduled shifts to keep your business on budget.  Timecards are automatically created when lifeguards clock in and out using the mobile app or pool site phone – there’s no need to fill out paper schedules or manually process time cards again!

2. Receive No-Show or Late Alerts

Never stress about lifeguards missing a shift again. Turn on supervisor alerts to know when lifeguards clock in and out or if a lifeguard has missed a scheduled job. If your team uses floating schedules, receive an alert if a lifeguard does not check in to a scheduled job. This scheduling tool is perfect for your busy pool season because it gives you and your customers peace of mind that all shifts are covered.

3. Chronotek’s Proprietary Smart Tracks™ Feature (And Landline Features)

What’s better than automatic time card tracking? Having 100% certainty that your lifeguards are located at their assigned pools at clock-in. Chronotek offers this in different methods based on the pool site structure. One, when lifeguards clock in and out with our time clock app, the time cards are stamped with the GPS locations, and we immediately report if the lifeguards are not located at the pool site. A second method of clocking in and out that provides reliable location reporting is with the use of pool site landline phones. The caller IDs are reported, and site phones can be linked to the caller IDs. Linking phones ensures that lifeguards can’t clock in from just any phone. Also, cell phones can be blocked. You need to know that your employees are on the job. With either method, the time clock app or landline phones, we have you covered.

4. Communication Simplified

Poor communication is the downfall for so many businesses managing remote employees. Don’t let your pool management business be one of them! With Chronotek’s mobile time clock app, admin site, and voicemail tool, you and your employees can stay in touch seamlessly. Lifeguards using the call-in method can receive voicemail messages from their supervisors with important updates. New messages will play at the next clock in or out and must play through before the lifeguard can clock in or out.  For those using the time clock app and admin site, supervisors can send one-way announcements or two-way messages to individuals, groups or all employees. Messages can be made “required reads” before employees can proceed with the next clock in or out. Never let your lifeguards miss important information again. 

5. Powerful Timecard Reports and Budgets

In your busiest months, budgeting is the last thing that should be eating up your time. Chronotek provides powerful reporting tools so that you can control your labor costs and stay on budget. Create highly detailed time card reports with the click of a button. View reports for any date range, employee, job, or schedule so you can see exactly where your money is coming from and going to. You no longer have to waste time calculating job costs and finding which jobs are in danger of not being on budget.

With Chronotek’s time tracking and scheduling solutions, your pool business’s operations can flow as easily as water. Don’t waste any more time! Start your 30-day free trial today!


About Chronotek

The most dependable employee timesheet and scheduling software available. For over 20 years, Chronotek has set the standard in time tracking by providing businesses with every tool needed to manage a remote workforce, reduce time card waste and simplify the payroll process. No matter if employees are working from the field, at the office or from home… Chronotek has the solution!