Our Promise
We guarantee you will save time & money, period.*

We also guarantee:

  • 99.99% Uptime - Industry Best

  • Security

  • Amazing, Knowledgeable, Accountable, & Caring Support

  • 100% Satisfaction

  • Operational Transparency¬†- NO Hidden Fees!

Our guarantee stems from these core beliefs:

WE BELIEVE that we are in business to partner with companies in managing their remote workers by seeing immediate rewards in time and money.

WE BELIEVE in optimizing the Chronotek system and by providing a well-run service with high performance, in an easy-to-use system that results in few support calls.

WE BELIEVE in selecting the best vendors to minimize the impact of downtime, which is inevitable with any telephony system due to the many technical components beyond the system.

WE BELIEVE in using industry-leading technology, to support our efficient business-wise accountability tool.

WE BELIEVE that our success is based on our customers' success.

WE BELIEVE we are priveleged to partner with you!

*Applies to companies who:

  1. Manage remote employees
  2. Currently use hand-written timecards
  3. Have access to telephones to call in with (land line or mobile)
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