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Mobile Chronotek

We are bringing Chronotek to any web-enabled mobile device! Your Chronotek Supervisors can log into the mobile version of Chronotek and see employees’ time live. The best news is…we offer this service at no extra charge.

We hope that Chronotek can put you in front of your competition with all the industry leading features that help make your job easier. And like all of our features, Mobile Chronotek is very easy to use. The Chronotek Supervisors simply use the same login credentials for the Chronotek Version 2 (Beta) interface on the Mobile version. This version does not have editing capabilities, so you do not have to worry about your Supervisors changing files.

We hope this feature makes your job easier!

Chronotek now features full Voice Verification. Supervisors can ensure that the proper employee clocked in by listening to a verification message left by the employee. This provides even more assurance that no fraud is occurring, and that the proper employee is at the right jobsite at the right time.

Chronotek makes it easy to manage clock-ins across multiple time zones. The web interface makes it easy to assign different jobs to particular time zones, and our Licensed Caller-ID ensures that employees clock in for those jobs at the correct locations. It has never been easier to manage your timekeeping needs- from coast to coast.

Chronotek provides multiple alert options to help you track late or “no-show” employees. Schedule email or text message alerts if an employee fails to clock in within a certain time of their scheduled shift. Our flexible alert scheduling options allow you to manage alerts for particular employees or jobs.  Ensure that someone has clocked in at that critical jobsite, or eliminate tardiness with up to the minute tracking.

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