For a business to run efficiently, its employees need to show up on time and ready to complete their work. When employees are late or do not even show up for their shifts, this can cause problems not only for that employee and their supervisor but, more importantly, for the customers. Tracking employee absences helps businesses identify and analyze employee attendance issues and ensures that employees are paid for the actual work completed.

How to track employee absences

When setting up an employee absence tracker, it’s important to keep in mind the employees’ daily needs and schedules. Setting up a shared or private spreadsheet is a common way to track employee attendance and allow either the employees or their supervisors to log attendance daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. What is followed in the spreadsheet will depend on the level of detail each business needs to track employee absences accurately.

Here are the most common situations businesses include in their absence trackers.

  • Personal days
  • Sick leave
  • Vacations
  • No call/no shows

Download our FREE employee absence tracker template

This simple excel template is perfect for small to medium-sized teams. Supervisors can use it to track employee absences, including vacations, sick and personal days, and no call/no shows.

Download The Excel Template

How to track absences with Chronotek (App)

With many businesses operating remotely or at multiple job sites, it can be even more difficult than ever to keep track of employee absences. With Chronotek, timecards are automatically generated using our smart time tracking tools and goes beyond merely recording absences. Whether your employees clock in at their desk, home, or on the road, Chronotek tracks it!

Tracking employee attendance with Chronotek is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. After their account is created, employees can clock in using the mobile app, phone call, or web clock. Their time and location are automatically recorded in their timesheets. If an employee clocks in late or does not show up, Chronotek notifies supervisors immediately.
  2. While clocked in, Chronotek uses Smart Tracks™ to log employee location data while they are working remotely. After the employee has clocked out, supervisors can see that employee’s daily activity in a timeline format.
  3. Employees can clock out using any of the three methods (mobile app, phone call, web clock), even if they clocked in differently. Their time and location are automatically recorded in their timesheets.

With Chronotek, supervisors can automate and simplify much of the attendance tracking process. And with live dashboards and easy-to-create reports, it’s easy to see trends in employee attendance behavior and take corrective action before it’s too late.