The semester may be about over for students, but the life of a college admin never slows down, right? You are probably already planning for the Fall. Have you considered a more efficient way to track the time and attendance of your externships? Our clock in, clock out timekeeping system is the perfect resource for tracking and monitoring student attendance at their externship sites.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

It really is.

  1. Your student calls our toll free number from the extern site.
  2. Enters her access code to clock in.
  3. Calls when ready to clock out and enters her access code.

This will be the easiest thing she does all day. And what do you, the admin get as a result of this elementary task?

The ABC’s of Student Externship Management

  • Accountability like you’ve never had before now. We capture the caller ID of every phone that students use to clock in/out and you will see that on their timesheets. This CID info verifies that students are at their extern sites when clocking in. You can also ensure that students only clock in/out with the designated extern site phones with our exclusive Linked Phone feature. Know if a student is skipping or tardy with our scheduled text/email late alerts. Do you need to get a message to your student? Use our integrated voice messaging system and students will have to listen to your message before they can punch in or out.
  • Better reporting. Clock ins/outs are posted live to your account. Use the Workforce Dashboard to monitor student punches, daily and weekly hours and more. Run historical reports by student or site to see total hours for any time period. Use our late and no-show report to track attendance. Compare scheduled hours to actual worked hours. Give students access to our mobile app so they can monitor their own hours and schedules. We get really high grades on our reports 🙂
  • Customized admin access. You may have many different levels of admin staff who need access to the student time and attendance records. Create and define access levels as you need. You can also designate what students/extern sites that different admins see. Manage and monitor from your desktop or use our admin mobile app when you are on the go. You are in complete control (there’s a couple of bonus ‘c’s for you). And the great thing is, admins are not charged to have user accounts to manage their students.

Enjoy Your Summer

Relax this Summer knowing that you have discovered the optimal time and attendance solution for your student externships. But go ahead and sign up now for a free 30 day trial to learn the system over the Summer. When your students return, you will be ready to go.

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