Simple Clock In & Clock Out

Employees can easily clock in and out from any device...anywhere.

Chronotek Smart Employee Time Tracking: Workforce Dashboard

Whether employees are required to clock in by phone call or use the mobile time clock app, the Chronotek system is quick and easy for everyone.

Mobile Time Clock App

The Chronotek App is designed to help employees easily maneuver throughout their work day.

  • Clock in and out quickly and easily.
  • View personal time cards and schedules to stay in touch with daily activities.
  • The app can suggest the job closest to the employee’s proximity.
  • Send and receive messages to guarantee that important details are communicated.
  • The app uses an internal, cloud-based timer for tracking time to prevent a drained mobile phone battery. Cell data usage is minimal.

Clock In And Out By Phone Call

Employees create time cards by calling the Chronotek toll-free number from any phone.

  • Simply enter employee code and job code.
  • Link site phones and help employees avoid memorizing a long list of job codes.
  • Employees can receive and reply to voice messages from their Chronotek supervisor.
  • Caller ID is reported on time cards.
  • Block unauthorized phone numbers.
  • Spanish language is available.

Web Clock In And Out

Access the mobile Chronotek time tracking site from any web-enabled device to clock in and out. Employees can also view their personal time cards and schedules.

Smart Employee Time Tracking: Link Site Phones

Explore the benefits of Simple Clock in & Out.

  • Clock In and Out by Phone Call, Mobile App, or Web Clock
  • See Schedules if Assigned
  • Spanish Language Available
  • Very Easy for Employees

Learn More About Our Simple Clock In & Clock Out App

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Unlimited punches in and out. ALL FEATURES INCLUDED.

Chronotek is just $5 per employee per month.

(plus a $14 monthly base fee with a $64 minimum charge)

Unlike other systems, only pay for employees who clock in and out.

Number of Employees to track



Price per Employee

$5 x 10 $50
Base Fee $14
Total per Month $64

Unlimited Clock-Ins

Use any or all methods: Call-In, Web Clock or Mobile App.

Manage With Freedom

Administrators and Supervisors use the app or Admin site for free.

Everything Is Included

GPS, Schedules/Alerts, Mobile App, Telephony, Personal Support.

Save Time & Money

A survey shows that our customers save time & 100% save money!