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Building a Business: Choosing Vendor Partners

Posted on 02 Mar 2016

How did your fantasy football season go? You may be rethinking your draft strategy for next season or at least questioning some of the picks you made last Fall. A small business owner drafts players for his team in terms of his vendor partners.  His business success depends upon winning relationships with quality vendor partners. […]

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Building a Business: Focus on Service Done Well

Posted on 29 Feb 2016

I saw this situation unfold just the other day in my own backyard.  Two brothers were playing ball next door and the older, more experienced one wound up and threw a perfect pitch to his father.  I knew that he was the star pitcher on his travel team. Then the younger brother says ‘me too’ […]

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Building a Business: Great Companies Help People

Posted on 27 Feb 2016

Many businesses enter the new year with goals to improve their practices and bolster their bottom line. So how is it going?  In this new series, we want to help by sharing a few things we’ve learned in our 20 years of growing a successful telephone timekeeping business. We believe that great companies are those […]

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Reference for Cell Email Addresses (Email to SMS): Setup for Text Alert Destinations

Posted on 25 Feb 2016

Many of our clients set up their Chronotek accounts to get alerts when employees clock in or out, or when they are late to a scheduled job.  We send these alerts from our email address to theirs, and can send them as text messages as well.  Sending messages from email to text requires a cell […]

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Managing Remote Employees: Automated Job Budgets

Posted on 23 Jun 2015

Spreadsheets are powerful, but lifeless. A spreadsheet can have fabulous pivot tables, line charts and colored graphs to provide vital information as long as human hands are entering the data…and keep entering the data.  The information spreadsheets provide to assist with business decisions is only good if the data is current.  For a small business owner with […]

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Managing Remote Employees: Location, Location, Location

Posted on 02 Jun 2015

Location, location, location resounds in our second installment on Managing Remote Employees.   Yes, you can have confidence that your employees are really on the job site when they say they are.   Location tracking is one of the many benefits that a telephone and app-based timekeeping solution like ours can give you that handwritten time sheets […]

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Managing Remote Employees: Prevent Buddy Punching

Posted on 18 May 2015

I was cruising up the interstate blindfolded the other day. Don’t worry. I wasn’t driving. My family insisted that I wear the blindfold as they took me out to eat for my birthday. It was cool. The blindfold had built-in ear buds so I relaxed to Mandolin Orange on the way. When my wife is […]

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Effective Alerts for Remote Employees

Posted on 27 Mar 2015

The Minimum Effective Dose (MED) is a medical term that is becoming used in non-medical environments.  It means applying the smallest dose possible to achieve the desired result; and anything beyond that is wasteful.  If a cup of water will extinguish a tiny fire it’s overkill, and a waste of resources, to dump a five gallon bucket […]

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Fall Into Better Business Practices

Posted on 20 Oct 2014

Fall is here and with it comes a refreshing sense of relief and revival. The summer heat has passed, the busyness of vacations is over, and the kids are back in school. It is a time when many business owners consider better business practices to carry into the new year. A new approach to tracking remote […]

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Budgets 103: Control with Integrated Scheduling

Posted on 22 May 2014

We believe that budgets are the target and that schedules are the plan to hit the target. An airplane has a landing destination, but there is a control in place, called the pilot, that brings the plane in.  She will make adjustments along the way in speed and altitude to keep the aircraft on course. […]

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