The year 1990 should be heralded as the greatest year in recent American history. The first modern American roundabouts (aka traffic circles) were built in Summerlin, Nevada to the rousing applause of everyone stopped and backed up at a 4-way intersection. Everyone waving everyone on, no one moving, and horns blaring. Such a simple idea, roundabouts keep traffic flowing and dramatically reduce accidents. Every service business has a flow, a workflow, or simply put, a process by which new work comes in and gets done. Does yours actually flow or is it like turning left in rush hour traffic? 

You bid on new work, get it, schedule it, do it, manage it, communicate it, and monitor it. But it’s not as easy as that, is it? You have a fleet of jobs to keep on the road, not just one, and navigating them all at once gets chaotic. The workflow is in your head, on spreadsheets, or written on sticky notes plastered all over your office walls and desk. Your company needs a roundabout, a business intelligence machine that delivers real-time information to keep the wheels of progress moving effortlessly, efficiently, and on time. 

The new Chronotek was built for you.

Much more than accurate timekeeping, a core element in which Chronotek has always excelled, the new Chronotek is being designed to encapsulate your entire business workflow. Let’s consider who’s moving through your traffic circle – admins, managers, schedulers, employees, and customers. Each one is moving through, but each carries its own passenger list of responsibilities. And, they all need to know at least a piece of what you know and have written on your collage of sticky notes. With the new Chronotek, group your staff into teams and keep each team in its own lane by allowing them to see only the information pertinent to them.  Post messages to team boards and job boards to relay important instructions; store and track hiring documents, licenses, and certifications; use the activity feed to monitor who’s clocking in and out, and who’s making edits to schedules and time cards. Also, customers can post messages that go to the team managers responsible for those accounts. 

Get your business moving with the new Chronotek that will be released soon. Also, read about the Profit Forecasting Dashboard™ and how it will help accelerate your profits into overdrive. 

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