Account Confirmation

Thank you for trying the Chronotek Employee Management System!  We believe that Chronotek will provide you the accountability tool to build the most productive and efficient remote workforce possible. Our system is designed to help alleviate the day-to-day tasks that prevent you from working on your business. Our promise is to help change your life!

We look forward to working with you over the next 30 days to help you understand all of the innovative system features. We simply ask that this free trial session be kept to a group of 20 employees. If at any time you decide that you would like to move forward with your entire staff, please let us know.

Continued Chronotek Service

In order to continue service after the trial session has ended, accounts are setup for monthly auto-pay by providing us with either a credit card number or a signed bank draft agreement.

Easy to Use… Easy to Set Up


Along with this Quick Start Video link, we have attached a Quick Start Guide to help with initial set-up. Our goal is to introduce you to the many creative ways this system can help meet your timekeeping needs by using:

  • Zones (Group employees and jobs into Zones to direct the supervisory functions in Chronotek)
  • Alerts (Receive alerts for late/no-show employees)
  • Integrated Voicemail (Employees must listen to voice message before clocking-in/out)
  • Random Voice Verification (Employee identity verification tool)
  • Linking Phones (Ensure that employees are calling from correct sites)
  • GPS Location Tracking (Track location from cell phones – additional charges apply)
  • Automatic Travel Time (System-generated travel time cards)
  • Activity Tracking (Further define a job on a timecard)
  • User Limited Login Administration (Grant full/limited access to staff)
  • Mobile Chronotek (View reports, call log, and late employees from any smart phone)
  • Payroll Snapshot (Powerful report that calculates regular and overtime hours)
  • QuickBooks Interface (Seamlessly export timecards to QuickBooks)

Mobile Chronotek

View live data from your smart phone! Go to from any browser and enter the account login credentials. Mobile Chronotek shows a summary of data: No-Show Employees, Late Employees, Employee Status, Call Log, and Over 40 Hours Check. This feature is available at no additional cost.

Customer Support

We believe the Chronotek technology will improve the quality of your life…business and personal. We are happy to offer free customer support during normal business hours (M-F / 8am-6pm ET). Thank you again for your interest in the Chronotek System. We look forward to working with you!

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