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How does the trial session work?

Upon sign-up you will have full access to the system with a live account.  Our hope is that you will test the account for a full 30 days to make sure it is a good fit for your business.  This will give you an opportunity to run at least two pay periods with the live data to see the ease of the payroll process.  At the end of the trial session, we require a credit card number to be entered on your account for the monthly auto-pay process.  This will continue service and set your account to Active Customer.

We respectfully ask that trial session is kept to a limit of 20 employees.  If you need to “test drive” the system with a larger group of employees, we will be glad to shorten the timeframe of the free session, so make sure to let us know.  It is usually best to test the system with a small group of employees before rolling out to the entire staff.

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